Highly aware of the challenges of CSR and sustainable development, our company has been evaluated by ECOVADIS to measure the performance of our CSR approach and compare it to other companies in this sector.

Pinard Beauty Pack is in the top 1% of companies evaluated by ECOVADIS in the ” plastic products manufacturing ” business segment. This is a feat considering ECOVADIS, in 2023, relies on a methodology of the most demanding standards.


A pioneer in the use of innovative materials such as heat pumps, our company has always fought against waste and favored the optimization of resources. Eco-design is at the heart of our business.

Our privileged relations with our suppliers and our recognized technical know-how allow us to homologate and propose new materials.

  • Reduce the use of resources (energy, water …)
  • Offer our customers RPET (recycled PET) for more than 10 years
  • Master and valorize waste
  • Optimize the weight of products and packaging

Social and human rights

We work in terms of quality, hygiene and well-being at work to optimize the industrial environment of our employees and the overall performance of our production sites.

• Work in air-conditioned sites

• Prevent occupational risks

• Develop robotics for productivity

Equality index for 2023 is 85


Our image and our reputation in the market with our customers is based on the quality of our products and services, and the confidence that Pinard Beauty Pack inspires in all its partners.

Our values: professionalism, quest for excellence, commitment, are the company culture, but beyond that, ethics and deontology are prerequisites that cannot be compromised.

• Promote our profession to preserve employment on our sites

• Promote parity and cultural diversity at the heart of our skills

• Be exemplary in the conduct of business

Responsible purchasing

Minimizing our environmental impact is key in our purchasing policy. We favor local purchases and participate in the local fabric.

Pinard Beauty Pack is one of the top 1% of companies evaluated by ECOVADIS, in 2023, in the “plastic products manufacturing” business sector.

• Boost flexibility and responsiveness with local actors

• Involve our suppliers in responsible environmental and social practices


Respect for the environment that we defend is based on the principles and practices of eco-design, that is to say “the systematic integration of environmental issues from the design of a product or service, and at all stages of its life cycle “(AFNOR, 2004)



Plastic generates during its life cycle a lower carbon footprint than glass, aluminum and cardboard, especially when it is recycled:

> Its manufacture is energy efficient


> It has an excellent weight / resistance ratio, which reduces transport costs


>It is light weight, durable, recyclable


>It evolves to adapt to the uses and expectations of consumers


>It is more environmentally friendly with new biobased grades and fits in the circular economy


Improving our environmental performance is based on an ambitious “eco-innovation” approach, creating added value and competitiveness.

Our latest innovations:


• Mono material tubes

• Mattifying agents to replace varnishes

• Glass polymer PET, Elancia 200ml

• PP resistant to alcoholic juices

Les Dahus d’Arbent Partners since 2015

As a para-rugby sports association created in 2014, the Dahus d’Arbent contribute to the promotion of the “XIII en fauteuil” for people with disabilities and participate in departmental and regional disability awareness campaigns, within the administrations, business schools or sports clubs.

On a daily basis, we want to fight against all forms of discrimination and work to reduce inequalities.

Supporting the Dahus d’Arbent Association is our way of promoting this state of mind.

Oyonnax Rugby Partners since 2013

Created in 1909 and strongly rooted in the local culture, the Oyonnax Sports Club (OSC), which became Oyonnax Rugby in 2018, has undergone continuous development, just like the city whose motto it is: “Improbo fabrun lavorare ascendit “, that is to say” It has risen thanks to the obstinate work of its inhabitants “.

Rugby federates, brings together men and women around the same passion and demonstrates that to last in time, passion is a formidable engine. Rugby is a multigenerational sport where transmission and benevolence are important.

In this, he inspires us daily.


Illona Carlod Partner since 2016

Illona Carlod is a high-level sportswoman who has been involved in Freeride since a very young age. She is a passionate athlete, who’s constantly growing track record illustrates the desire to surpass herself to achieve excellence.

The pursuit of excellence is a fundamental value of our company. No project is carried out if it does not bring added value, quality, innovations.



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